Ohio Mom Barters her 11 y/o Daughter in 3+ Month-long “Sex for Heroin” Transaction Meet 30 y/o Cincinnati mom April Cocoron, pictured below…. Actually that is April’s mug shot.  She was arrested on Monday, March… Scroll down to read more!

Meet 30 y/o Cincinnati mom April Cocoron, pictured below….
Actually that is April’s mug shot.  She was arrested on Monday, March 23rd. 2015 on twenty-seven (27) counts, including but not limited to “complicity in rape”, complicity in gross sexual imposition”, “child endangerment” and “human trafficking”, all surrounding her repeatedly providing her own eleven (11) y/o daughter to her drug dealer, 41 y/o Shendell Willingham (pictured below and also arrested) for sex in exchange for heroin.  
The government, vis-a-vis it’s star witness, claims that April would drop her daughter at her drug dealer’s home so that he could have sex with the child, would pick her up later and that mommie dearest would be paid in heroin for her services.  The government further alleges that on more than one occasion mom injected her daughter with heroin to keep her compliant. Not withstanding her not guilty plea April is being held on $5,000,000.00 bond for these crimes which the government alleges occurred in between February 15 and June 6, 2014.  

As additional evidence, when Shandell was arrested police found video tapes of his sex crimes against the eleven (11) y/o, but it is the child herself who is the State’s star witness against her deranged mother and her rapist.  Cops found out about the horrific events because the girl told her father and step-mother when she went to stay with them at the end of the school year. Naturally the father and step-mother reported it to the authorities and the girl now resides with them (proving that there are instances where it is okay / good to be a rat).

The government will now prosecute these two (2) pieces of human trash, who face (and who deserve nothing less than) life in prison but this case should serve to highlight just how pervasive the domestic heroin epidemic has become.  Hamilton County, Ohio Prosecutor Joe Deters states that “more people are turning to heroin… This is unlike any other epidemic we’ve ever seen.  Heroin destroys families.  Heroin causes people to care about nothing but feeding their habit.”   This widespread infection is both an unfortunate side effect and has become especially acute since the federal government began it’s crack down on Rx opiate pain killing pills, and that’s not just me speaking, as Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine agrees, stating that “heroin used to be a drug that effected only a select group of people, but now it’s pervasive in the suburbs”.

Memo April Cocoron:  

I feel bad for your condition / addiction but, as a parent of a nearly ten (1) y/o you’ll get zero (0, nil, zilch, nada) sympathy from me (as I expect to be the case from your Ohio jury) for pimping out your child to support your drug habit.  All I can say is if the folks, meaning your peers, get it right, then…


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