Be a Parent not a Friend: NY Father Sentenced to 16 years in Prison for Allowing his 15 y/o Daughter to Drive an SUV which Crashed and Killed 3 of her Friends On August 30th,… Scroll down to read more!

On August 30th, 2014, Michael Ware a 54 y/o suburban New York man who is pictured below allowed his unlicensed fifteen (15) y/o daughter to drive an SUV which she crashed in Pennsylvania’s Pocono Mountains, killing three (3) of her friends.  You can see the news reports, including video, from early September, 2014 by clicking here. 

Last month Ware pled guilty to three (3) counts of involuntary manslaughter and three (3) counts of reckless endangerment, and on Thursday, August 20th, 2015 Judge Ray Hamill sentenced him to 6.5 – 16 years in prison.  Adding insult to injury the Judge blasted 54 y/o Ware by telling him that his behavior (in permitting his under aged and unlicensed daughter to drive the SUV) was “reckless, stupid and selfish” and then rhetorically asking “What kind of father does this”?  Compounding Ware’s problems was the fact that he lied to investigators about giving his daughter the keys, allowing her to shoulder all the blame for the crash.  At the scene of the crash Ware told authorities that his daughter had taken the vehicle without his permission. Initially his daughter backed her father’s story “so as not to get him in trouble”  and it wasn’t until two (2) months later that one (1) of the surviving passengers came forward and told police that Ware had given his daughter the keys.  

The crash on August 30, 2014, killed Ryan Lesher, Shamus Digney and Cullen Keffer, all pictured below and all of whom were fifteen (15) y/o sophomores at Council Rock High School in suburban Philadelphia. Three (3) others people were hurt in the crash.

Per prosecutors, “Ware allowed his daughter to drive his Chevrolet Suburban from their Paupack Township home with one of her friends. She then picked up four boys and drove to a restaurant for breakfast. On the way back, the teen lost control of the SUV and flipped it.”  As no intoxicants or other aggravating factors were involved, as the tragedy was truly branded an accident and as Ware’s teenage daughter had acknowledged responsibility in juvenile court to three (3) counts of vehicular homicide she was placed on indefinite probation, was ordered to perform 300 hours of community service, pay restitution and write a 2,000-word essay on the impact of her crime.  However, in adult court the victims’ parents spoke and said that Ware was not only responsible for their sons’ deaths but that he had also managed to wreck his own daughter’s life.  Per Lisa Lesher, Ryan’s mother:  “Your desire to be the cool dad devastated an entire community.”  Said Joe Keffer, Cullen’s father:  “You gave her too much independence, too soon. You failed to protect her.”  Per Wilson Black, Shamus’ uncle: “He [Ware] basically gave his daughter a gun and put the bullets in it for her.” And, per Judge Ray Hamill, his voice reportedly rising, repeatedly called Ware’s actions “preventable, irresponsible, reckless, stupid and selfish” and also said that he had “failed as a father”.

Ware’s words at his sentencing hearing, that “I cannot begin to say how sorry I am. Neither I nor my daughter meant any harm to anyone day. May those boys rest in peace.”, rang hollow to the parents of the dead teens, who spoke in court of their pain and their anger toward Ware, who had allowed his daughter to drive on several occasions before the crash, including from New York to their vacation home in Pennsylvania.  Memo to Michael Ware (and the Folks):  You don’t have to accept what the parents of the dead teens say, or even what the Judge says, but listen to John Lennon…

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