Parenting FAIL!  “Christ Church Faith Healing” Parents to Serve 6 Year Prison Terms as Oregon Supreme Court finally Upholds their Manslaughter Convictions for Choosing to Pray and Rub Oil on their Sickly New-Home-Born Infant’s Head… Scroll down to read more!

Dale and Shannon Hickman of Oregon, each aged 30 (that’s them in their 2009 mug shots below) and devout members of the “Followers of Christ Church“, a faith-healing church in Oregon, were both convicted in 2011 of second-degree manslaughter for the death of their son, David, who had been born two (2) months earlier than expected at his grandmother’s home in 2009.  They have been incarcerated and serving their respective six (6) year sentences while their lawyers appealed their convictions, and incarcerated they will stay as the Oregon Supreme Court has now rejected their appeal, upholding their convictions and sentences.

Trial testimony established that as the boy was having trouble breathing and turning blue, but rather than calling 911 and seeking help the Hickman’s instead chose to pray and rub olive on their son, who died nine (9) agonizing hours after his birth. During the 2011 trial a doctor had testified that the baby officially died of “staphylococcus pneumonia” which could have been treated, and that the newborn would have had a ‘”99% chance of surviving had the couple called 911″. 

In their own defense Dale Hickman reportedly testified that he didn’t call 911 because he was praying while Shannon Hickman said that she was required by church rules to defer to her husband and that “I think it’s God’s will whatever happens”.  

Prosecutors argued that the child was born with a bacterial infection and underdeveloped lungs and that his parents never even considered medical attention. Just as  the trial Judge had found (“As the evidence unfolded and the witnesses testified, it became evident to me and certainly to the jury … that this death just simply did not need to occur.”) so too did the Oregon Supreme Court agree that the parents both could have and should have done more to try and save their son (begging the question:  “In the picture below who are the Hickman’s crying for? Themselves or the son that they effectively murdered?).

The Followers of Christ Church has a history of rejecting medical care for children, instead relying on as prayer and anointing the sick with oils.  Five (5) other church members have reportedly been convicted in Clackamas County, Oregon for crimes related to the rejection of medical care for their children.  Prosecutor Mike Regan said that a message needed to be sent to the church that child abuse for any motive is still child abuse.  He said: “These generally are good, decent, law-abiding folks, except in this one narrow area of their lives. One (area) where they have told us stubbornly – and arrogantly, if I may – that ‘We are not going to change.’  The law of civil society demands that they change. It demands that we sent a message to all of them that whether you believe this or not in Oregon, you cannot act upon that belief.”  

Memo to the Folks:   It’s not my job to either be the morality police or to tell you what to believe or how to practice your chosen faith.  Still, please, pretty please…

Memo to the Folks continued:  Religious freedom and belief in a divine authority is all fine and good but do not discount the realities of science and technology.  I encourage you to take a look at some of these “Victims of Religion” (by clicking here), but just in case you choose not to right click then here’s a little sampling to spur your theological though-process…  

Memo to the Folks continued:  Just because you have a right does not mean that you should exercise it.  

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