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Q:     Three juveniles were arrested for burglary. Can a guilty plea by one affect the outcomes of the other boys’ hearings?  In this case there are conflicting witness statements. One placed the boys inside… Scroll down to read more!

Q:     Three juveniles were arrested for burglary. Can a guilty plea by one affect the outcomes of the other boys’ hearings?  In this case there are conflicting witness statements. One placed the boys inside a building, the other said they were outside even though the witnesses were together.  One boy’s lawyer is planning to ask for the case to be dismissed. Can this impact the other hearings?

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Answered A lawyer can ask for a case to get dismissed but cases don’t get dismissed unless there is a compelling reason (legal, factual or both) for the same to occur.

That said, to answer the question “Can a guilty plea by one affect the outcomes of the other boys’ hearings?”… Yes, and in many ways.

For instance, if statements are made then they are likely admissible and once the case is closed (by way of a guilty plea or otherwise) then the person no longer enjoys a 5th Amendment privilege and can be compelled by the State to be a witness and to testify (this cannot happen when the case is alive and a not guilty plea is in effect) against those former co-defendant’s who still have open cases.

The government can also offer any of the defendant’s a plea deal rife with incentives which are designed to get them to “flip” and to voluntarily testify as a state’s witness against the remaining defendants.

Lots of things can (and do routinely) happen, This is a recurring problem when you are dealing with multiple defendant cases (whether juvenile or adult the same principals apply).

My advise: Lawyer up and prepare for the rats to flee the sinking ship.

I hope that I have been helpful in answering your question.

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