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Thank you for asking me “Can a Cop Threaten to put me in Jail if I don’t Cooperate?”

Cops can’t use force to get you to tell them either how or from whom you got your drugs, but, in many cases, including most cases involving controlled substances, police enjoy discretion to either book you into the jail or, instead, to permit you to walk away without being formally arrested. The former – booking – is easy; the latter, however, will absolutely demand a quid pro quo.

So: “Can a Cop Threaten to put you in Jail if you don’t Cooperate?”

Well, the word “can” is an auxiliary verb. If we use it in it’s present, singular and 1st person context, when you are caught with a controlled substance then yes, a cop “can” try to strong–arm you by using nonviolent means of persuasion, including threatening to do their job – which is to arrest you – if you choose not to cooperate with them by ratting on someone else.

If you find yourself in this situation – whether on the roadside or back at the police station – where cops are dangling your freedom over your head then you’re gonna have to make a choice: Either you’re gonna become a snitch or you’re gonna “up times 3″: Man up, lawyer up and shut up.

If you’re in the situation then it’s a very personal, game time call, and I can’t tell you what choice to make. But in the here and now I can offer you a little food for thought:

1) The cops can promise you anything they want and then deliver or not. Like anything else, some cops are honorable and will do what they say; others not so much. 2) You are not the boss in cooperation; rather you are at the mercy of cops who can treat you like a human yo-yo until they have no more use for you. 3) If you seek a deal then your best deal will be brokered by a lawyer – not by you in the heat of the moment. And 4) As soon as you invoke your rights to remain silent and to a lawyer the cops will have to stop harassing you.

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