Michael A. Haber, Esq. **ARRESTED / **305DUI

October 6, 2014

Red Light Camera Ticket / Suspended Driver License

October 6, 2014

Q:  I got a ticket for running a red light which was taken by a camera. I never received the ticket in the mail, so I had no idea.  I was subsequently pulled over for having a suspended license which I did not know I had due to the unpaid traffic ticket. Is this worth…

Extradition / Inter-State Warrant Question

October 6, 2014

Q:  If i have a misdemeanor warrant for VOP in Florida and moved to California and got arrested there, what will happen?  A VOP misdemeanor warrent in Fl, but moved to CA and got a misdemeanor charge for demestic violence, in CA. What will happen with my warrant in Fl? A:  If you are luck…

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